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Cost: $395


This is an 8-hour training required annually for first responders at the operations-level.  First responders at this level are those who respond to releases of hazardous substances as part of an initial response in a defensive manner and from a safe distance to protect people, property and the environment. This training is ideal for supervisors and other employees who have responsibilities related to emergency response at a facility and may serve as an introductory course for emergency coordinators.

This training may serve as a refresher or initial training for those individuals.

The training includes the following agenda items: 

  • OSHA HAZWOPER Standard Review
  • Applicability & Levels of Training
  • Emergency Criteria
        • Explosive Atmospheres- Flammable Liquids & Gases
        • Toxic Atmospheres & Exposure Limits
        • Contact Hazards- Corrosivity, Absorption Toxicity
        • Oxygen Deficiency- Simple Asphyxiants
        • Environmental Impact- Air, Soil, Surface Water, Ground Water, POTWs
  • Hazardous Materials Recognition/ Hazard Information Collection
        • Labeling Systems- HMIS, NFPA 704, USDOT, GHS
        • Safety Data Sheets
        • WISER
        • Container Types
        • Sampling & Analysis Methods & Technologies
  • Chemical Incompatibility & Segregation
  • DOT Emergency Response Guidebook- Use & Application
  • Contingency Planning- Written Emergency Plans & Preparedness
  • Notification & Spill Reporting
  • Personal Protective Equipment
        • General Principles- Eye, Face, Hand, Foot, Body
        • Respiratory Protection
        • Levels of Protection A, B, C, D
  • Principles of Decontamination Procedures
  • The Incident Command System
  • Initial Response Protocol and Employee Roles